About IntegrATe

May 24, 2010 — Gayl Bowser

Just like a garden needs different care from a gardener depending on the time of the year, students and educators need different supports for assistive technology use as they move through the school year. With each new school season comes change—changes in our students, changes in what they are learning, and changes in our own AT services. Just as we cannot simply plant a seed and expect to immediately see a plant, we cannot give a student assistive technology and expect to see immediate success. 

This blog is based on that idea. Throughout the coming year, we will discuss ways to support AT use during the different “seasons” of a school year.  We’ll talk about implementation planning in the fall as well as other aspects of starting a school year with assistive technology. In the winter we will focus on functional use of AT and the development of new AT skills.  In the spring, we will begin planning for transitions and summer use of AT outside of the school setting. We will share resources, ideas and strategies. This is an invitation for you to have a dialog with me. I am hoping that you and I can share our experiences and ideas about supporting assistive technology services throughout the school “seasons”.