Accessible Instruction Pledge

October 27, 2011 — Gayl Bowser

I just took the Accessible Instruction pledge.  I hope you will too.

Accessible Instruction Pledge

I pledge to do my part to bring accessible instruction to all students. By completing this form, I pledge that at every opportunity I will...

  • Understand the individual needs and abilities of learners to ensure that my instruction is accessible to all students
  • Advocate for accessible instructional materials
  • Choose to purchase materials that have accessible versions available
  • Create documents and handouts that can be read and completed using assisitive technology
  • Support others in their efforts to learn more about supplying accessible instructional materials

Take the Accessible Instruction Pledge here:

Summary of the Accessible Instruction Initiative:

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).

The Office of Disability Employment Policy has the lead in planning NDEAM activities and materials to increase the public's awareness of the contributions and skills of American workers with disabilities. Various programs carried out throughout the month also highlight the specific employment barriers that still need to be addressed and removed.

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One of the barriers to employment that many people face is an inability to obtain information from print materials, including textbooks and other core instructional materials.  To honor National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Atomic Learning has put together a toolkit to use to increase awareness of the importance of Accessible Instruction and the role that every educator plays.

In four easy steps we can start making a difference for all students:

  1. Be Inspired– watch a video interviewof a student and parent sharing why accessible instruction is so important.
  2. Committo offering accessible instruction – by signing the pledgefor accessible instructional materials
  3. Learn howto get started making a difference through free online training-  a link to the training will be sent from Atomic Learning to everyone who signs the pledge.
  4. Shareyour passion with others- broadcast the video to every educator you know so the cycle can continue. Try to get your entire school, district, county, or state to commit to accessible instruction.

 When you take the pledge,  you’ll get a link to some very nice training modules. 

I look forward to joining you on the list of  the many, many people who have pledged to make learning accessible to all.