AT Through the Seasons

November 9, 2010 — Gayl Bowser

I had the chance to have a great discussion with a bunch of folks at the Closing the Gap conference.  Amanda Peters from Atomic Learning and I offered a session that talked about the "seasons" of AT and how our activities change during the school year.  I think if you are creating a professional development plan or an annual plan for your AT team,  there were some gems in the conversation.  The participants at the conference contributed many new ideas to the discussion about important AT Activiities during the season of the school year.

I have attached the powerpoint to this post.  I hope you'll find it useful. 

Your turn! 
What seasonal AT Activities do you find that you must include in your planning activities?  How does planning for these activities help you to develop a comprehensive AT program?

ATseasonsfromCTG.pdf874.54 KB