About Gayl

Gayl Bowser’s work as an independent consultant focuses on the integration of technology into the educational programs of students with disabilities.  Former Coordinator of the Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP) and a special education teacher by training, Ms Bowser has also worked as a school administrator and holds an Oregon School Superintendent's credential. She works, regularly, with school districts to develop effective, legal and high quality assistive technology services. Ms Bowser provides assistive technology consultation, training and technical assistance throughout the United States and internationally.

Gayl has been the recipient of Oregon CEC's Teacher of the Year Award and the Service Award of the National Technology and Medial Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC TAM).  In 1993, Ms Bowser was named one of Oregon's Distinguished Educators by the Milken Family Foundation.  Ms Bowser is a founding member of the Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services (QIAT) consortium and a member of the QIAT Leadership Team.

Ms. Bowser has authored numerous publications.  The most recent, entitled The Assistive Technology Trainer’s Handbook, was co-authored with Penny Reed and Marsye Kaplan.  It is a  publication of the National Assistive Technology in Education (NATE) network.  Other publications include the Education Tech Points series which was co-authored by Penny Reed and How do you know it?  How can you show it? (PDF), with Penny Reed and Jane Korsten.