Put Me In Coach! - Coaching Strategies for AT Implementation

October 2, 2011 — Gayl Bowser

AT the Closing the Gap Conference this year, I'll be doing a preconference workshop called "Put Me In Coach!" where we will spend the day talking about how we choose the support strategies that we use in our AT practice.  There's a lot about Coaching, but we'll also be discussing the essential elements of Consultation and Collaboration. I'm particularly interested in how we decide whether to act as a consultant, to collaborate with an educator or family to increase AT implementation or whether a coaching approach is the best option.

I did a LOT of reading before putting this workshop together.  The bibliography is long but full of really interesting information about effective professional development, the new ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Coaches (NETS-C),  consultation, collaboration and, of course,  coaching. I have posted it below for your reading pleasure.

I hope you'll join me for the preconference workshop or for the short session that will be part of the conference.  If you can't,  have a good time exploring the topic with this bibliography. I'll be posting more on this topic after the conference.

Download the document (.pdf)